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Over 10,000 spare parts for all types of windows
Over 10,000 spare parts for all types of windows


GDPR Compliance Page

The app used to ensure GDPR/CCPA-CPRA compliance of this website collects your IP address and email address to process the data. For more information, see the privacy policy.

Correction of data

You can use the link below to update your account information if it is incorrect.

Data portability

You can download all the data we store and use to improve your experience on our store using the links below.

Access to personal data

You can request a report containing all the personal data we hold about you using the link below.

Right to be forgotten

Use this option if you want to remove your personal and other data from our storage. Please note that this will delete your account and you will no longer be able to access or use it.

Order form

Order form

You can also simply send us your old spare part by post. To do so, please print out our order form (here) , fill it out and send it with sufficient postage together with your spare part to Dichtungsmax Thomas Neudeck, Rieder Weg 9a, D-89343 Jettingen-Scheppach. As soon as we have inspected it, we will get in touch with you. If you would like us to send your spare part back to you after the inspection, please enclose a sufficiently stamped envelope with your shipment.